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We offer a broad range of strategic services to help you plan your next move.

With our extensive networks, experience, skills and knowledge we are able to analyse business data to develop effective frameworks within multiple areas. We subscribe to a four-prong approach where our team understands and engages our client’s businesses and operations, challenges the status quo by engaging with the board and management, analyses internal and external data, and develops sustainable strategies that deliver a positive business impact. We facilitate sessions with our clients to answer tough questions which is important in achieving business growth.

Our services includes Strategic NDIS Consulting Services, NDIS Risk Assessment Management, Operations and Change Management, Financial Advisory, Human Resource Management, and Business Process Improvement. In 2021, Transform Consultancy established a Global Consulting arm focused on providing exceptional business advisory and other services to the global marketplace.


We develop evidence-based strategies and monitoring frameworks that ensure our client's goals are achieved. Business feasibility studies are conducted to gain in-depth understanding of the industry against an organisations' goals which drives the thinking behind our proposed strategies. We also analyse consumer data and trends to develop effective marketing strategies.

Operations and Change Management

We apply our frameworks to streamline operations and achieve greater productivity and reduced overhead costs. We provide our clients with project management, agile management, business management, and supply chain management services to enhance business processes that will result in business growth.

Financial Advisory

Our financial advisory services includes project finance and cash flow management, as well as financial feasibility analysis.

Human Resource Management

We identify workforce gaps and implement plans to deliver sustainable business results. Tapping into our extensive industrial relations and governance expertise, we are able to keep our clients up to date with the latest in regulations and corporate governance initiatives.

Risk Management

We facilitate risk analysis sessions to mitigate, manage and monitor risks to your business.

Global Consulting

In 2021, Transform created a Roster of consultants to assist us as we bid for Australian, Pacific region, and international tenders focusing on communications, corporate social responsibility, M&E, corporate governance and NDIS provider compliance, and business risk analysis. Our incredible group of highly skilled consultants are located in Australia and around the world, including Ghana, Zimbabwe, the United Kingdom, the United States, the Caribbean, and Canada. Their diverse areas of expertise have allowed us to expand our consulting offerings to global development, data analysis, the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and other important fields. Please contact us at for more information on our global consulting work.